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In a group of 40 students, the probability that at most 15 of them like to hike
is 54%. What is the probability that at least 16 of them like to hike?
O A. 38%
B. 46%
C. 55%
D. 62%


Answer 1

The probability that at least 16 of them like to hike would be equal to 46% So, option B is correct.

What is the probability?

Probability refers to a possibility that deals with the occurrence of random events. The probability of all the events occurring need to be 1.

P(E) = Number of favorable outcomes / total number of outcomes

In a group of 40 students, the probability that at most 15 of them like to hike is 54%. we need to find the probability that at least 16 of them like to hike.

The probability that at most 15 of them like to hike = 54%

Let the total possibility be 100%

then 100 - 54 = 46%

Therefore, the remaining possibility is the probability for at least 16 of them like to hike.

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what is the value of x rounded to the nearest tenth?



[tex]cos 45 = \frac{adjacent}{hypotenuse} \\\\\frac{1}{\sqrt{2} } = \frac{5}{x} \\\\ x = 5*\sqrt{2} = 7.071 \\nearest \ tenth = 7.1[/tex]

option D

Find the diameter of the object.

diameter: ___ ft




Step-by-step explanation: the diameter of an object is half of the radius.

The math team at Felix's school includes students from the sophomores, juniors, and senior classes. Felix wants to create a display to show the percent of students on the math team from each class. Which type of graph best represents the data?

a: stem and leaf plot
b: circle graph
c: line graph




Step-by-step explanation:

A circle graph also known as a pie chart is used to represent data graphically. the circle graph is made up of a circle that is divided into quadrants. Each quadrants represents different classifications of data and the proportion of each classification.

the sum of angles in a pie chart is 360 degrees while the total percentages is 100%.

If there are 25% of the students in a class each take maths, physics , biology and chemistry, the pie chart would be divided into 4 quadrants with each quadrant measuring 25%

What are all the pairs of twin primes between 25 and 55?


So twin primes are prime numbers that have a difference of 2. The ones between 25 and 55 are (29,31) and(41,43). Hope that helps

Answer correctly please !!!! Will mark Brianliest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Side Length AB = 22

Side Length CB = 35.21

Side Length = 41.52

Angle A = 58°

Angle B = 90°

Angle C = 32°

Step-by-step explanation:

Side Length CB;

Tan(32) = 22 / CB

Tan(32) * CB = 22

CB = 22 / Tan(32)

CB = 35.21

Side Length AC; (Now that we know the Length of AB and BC)

22² + 35.21² = AC²

484 + 1239.74 = AC²

1723.74 = AC²

[tex]\sqrt{1723.74}[/tex] = AC

41.52 = AC

Angle A (Since we know Angle B and Angle C)

Angle A + Angle B + Angle C = 180°

Angle A + 32° + 90° = 180

Angle A + 122 = 180

Angle A = 180 - 122

Angle A = 58°

Hope this helps!


Sine Rule will apply here too

22/Sin32° = AC/sin90

AC = 22sin90/sin32

AC=41.52(To the nearest 100th)

Angles in a triangle =180

Angle A = 180 - 90 - 32

Angel A = 58°

BC/Sin58 = 22/sin32

BC = 22sin58/sin32

BC=35.21 (Nearest 100th).

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Please help my test is this week ;/
The perimeters of a square and a rectangle are equal. One side of the rectangle is 11 cm and the area of the square is 4 cm2
more than the area of the rectangle. Find the side of the square.

The answer is X= 9 cm or X= 13 cm


Step-by-step explanation:

Let x=one side of the square; y=one side of the rectangle:

The perimeters are equal, so 4x=2y+22, or y=2x-11. The areas are given by x^2, and 11(2x-11). Since the square is 4 cm^2 larger than the rectangle, we get:





x=13, or 9

Plugging 13 into our original equation, we get a square 13X13 or 169cm^2, and a rectangle (26-11)X 11, or 165cm^2, which satisfies our requirements!!!!!!

Xavier needs to bike a minimum of 90 miles this week for his training. If he has already biked 18 miles this week, then how many miles should he bike on each of the 6 remaining days this week?​



It's 12.

Step-by-step explanation:


72/6 =12

What are the answer please number which question you are answering




This is a complementary angle, which means that the two angles add up to 90 degrees. The two angles, in this case, are b and 52. Thus, we have:

b + 52 = 90

b = 38.

Therefore, b is 38 degrees.

8. This is a supplementary angle, which means that the two angles add up to 180 degrees. There is a right angle in the picture to confuse us, so we can just pretend that that doesn't exist, and just focus on the 180-degree angle (which is the straight line). The two angles shown are b and 117, so we have:

b + 117 = 180

b = 63

Therefore, b is 63 degrees.

9. This is a supplementary angle, which means that the two angles add up to 180 degrees. There is another line in the picture to confuse us, so we can just pretend that the line that is making a triangle (the one opposite of 125 degrees) doesn't exist, and just focus on the 180-degree angle (which is the straight line). The two angles shown are b and 125, so we have:

b + 125 = 180

b = 55

Therefore, b is 55 degrees.

I have a two questions..

1. What is the expression for 5 increased by m?

2. Which of the following expressions represents three minus the product of five and p?

a. 5/p - 3
b. 3 - 5/p
c. 5p - 3
d. 3 - 5p

Please answer quickly!
Thank you ❤️



5 + m

d. 3 - 5p

Step-by-step explanation:

What is the expression for 5 increased by m?

5 + m

Which of the following expressions represents three minus the product of five and p?

d. 3 - 5p

help asap need to pass the this



57.5% of the students polled prefer pizza

The second one is the and

Kaylee obtains a loan with simple interest to buy a car that costs $8,500. If Kaylee pays $1,020 in interest during the four-year term of the loan, what was the rate of simple interest?



The rate is 3 percentage

find the value of x to the nearest tenth will mark brainliest



B. 5.4

Step-by-step explanation:

3/5 = 6/10

6/10 = 0.6

9 x 0.6 = 5.4

Perform the indicated operation.‼️‼️


Śïbil jetilß Juilliard ismala



Step-by-step explanation:

is this is good picture for an amazing realistic piece for art



honest or no?

Step-by-step explanation:




down ⬇⬇⬇

Step-by-step explanation:

5. its all of them so just write A, B, C, D, E, F, G

6. (equilateral) triangle, right triangle, diamond (?), parallelogram

7. C and E; A and B

8. not so sure about this one but i think its regular

9. its not a polygon because polygons have straight sides, and this figure does not.

10. the only polygon is C

pay attention in school, it'll help in the long run. even if it sounds boring, it will come in handy one day!!

hope this helped <33333

Question : Which of these stem and leaf plots would match the histogram data? Justify your answer. ​



fidgety ushering txt scarecrow

what is the exterior angle sum for a 252-gon?


Answer: 360

Step-by-step explanation: Anytime it asks for the exterior sum it will always be 360

31. Bethany bought e pieces of Halloween candy that she gave out to her 5 friends. If she
save each friend 3 pieces, write and solve an equation to find how many pieces of candy
Bethany started with


Answer: C=15 pieces of candy

Step-by-step explanation:

What is the equation of the trend line in the scatter plot?

Use the two yellow points to write the equation in slope-intercept form. Write any coefficients
as integers, proper fractions, or improper fractions in simplest form.



y = 5/8x + 9

Hope this helps!

8 yd
2 yd
What is the length of the hypotenuse? If necessary, round to the nearest tenth.


c=8.2 because of Pythagorean theorem

What is the volume of a sphere with a radius of 10 inches? Round to the nearest hundredth.


Step-by-step explanation:

volume of sphere=4/3πr³


stay safe healthy and happy .


V = 4188.79 in^3

Step-by-step explanation:

The volume of a sphere is V = (4/3)(pi)(10 in)^3, or (using a calculator):

V = 4188.79 in^3

At age 20, William starts a career with a salary of $40,000 and a promise of a yearly raise of 2%. Approximately how much money will he make over 10 years?




Step-by-step explanation:

cause by the end of the 10 years he would have 48759.77 minus that by 40,000 you would get 8759.78

Approximately how much money will he make over 10 years is $8,759.78.

Using this formula

Amount=[Principal(1+rate)^t]- Principal




Time=10 years

Let plug in the formula





Amount=$8,759.78 (Approximately)

Inconclusion approximately how much money will he make over 10 years is $8,759.78.

Learn more here:

Palm Middle School is thinking about changing the flavor of ice cream sold in the cafeteria during lunch. The seventh grade student council members were asked to determine which flavor is the most popular. Of these four sampling methods, which will be most representative of the entire student population? Explain why each method below would or would not be a good choice. A) Ask only the students who currently buy ice cream during lunch. B) Ask only the seventh grade students. C) Ask every third student who walks into the school. D) Ask every student council member.


Answer: A&C is a good choice ,B and C would not be a good choice

Step-by-step explanation:A&C is a good choice because to determine the most popular, you will need to which flavour the students currently buying favours the most and how popular it really is among the students that even those who don't buy it have heard of the flavour and wish to buy

B and C would not be a good choice because the opinions will be biased and result not well concluded because not all students where considered and those whose opinion really count

Find tan theta if 90 < theta < 180, and csc theta = 5/4.


The answer is C.4/5.


It’s A -4/3

Step-by-step explanation:

Got it right on edge

Blank 1: The Base Area (B) of the pyramid is _ cm2. --> Area = (1/2)ap

Blank 2: The height (h) of the pyramid is _ cm.

Blank 3: The Volume (V) of the pyramid is _ cm3.

Use the formula V = (1/3)Bh to find the volume of the hexagonal pyramid.



See Explanation

Step-by-step explanation:

The question is incomplete, as the dimensions of the hexagon are not given.

I will assume that:

[tex]b = 6[/tex] --- base length

[tex]h = 8[/tex] --- height

First, we calculate the height (a) of each triangle that makes the hexagonal base

The formula to use is:

[tex]a^2 = b^2 - (\frac{b}{2})^2[/tex]

[tex]a^2 = 6^2 - (\frac{6}{2})^2[/tex]

[tex]a^2 = 6^2 - (3)^2[/tex]

[tex]a^2 = 36 - 9[/tex]

[tex]a^2 = 27[/tex]

Take positive square roots

[tex]a = \sqrt{27[/tex]


[tex]a = \sqrt{9*3[/tex]


[tex]a = \sqrt{9}*\sqrt3[/tex]

[tex]a = 3\sqrt3[/tex]

So, we have:

[tex]Area = \frac{1}{2}ap[/tex]


[tex]a = 3\sqrt3[/tex]

[tex]p =perimeter[/tex]

[tex]p = 6 * b[/tex] ---- 6 represents the sides of the hexagon

[tex]p = 6 * 6[/tex]

[tex]p = 36[/tex]

[tex]B= \frac{1}{2}ap[/tex]

[tex]B= \frac{1}{2} * 3\sqrt 3 * 36[/tex]

[tex]B= 3\sqrt 3 *18[/tex]

[tex]B = 54\sqrt 3[/tex]

[tex]h = 8[/tex]

Lastly, the volume is:

[tex]V = \frac{1}{3}Bh[/tex]


[tex]V = \frac{1}{3} * 54\sqrt3 * 8[/tex]

[tex]V = 18\sqrt3 * 8[/tex]

[tex]V = 144\sqrt3[/tex]

What does the abbreviation CD stand for?


The abbreviation CD stands for "Compact Disc."

A compact disc is a small, portable, round disc that is used for storing and playing back digital audio, video, and other types of data. It was introduced in the early 1980s as a replacement for vinyl records and cassette tapes.

A CD is made up of a polycarbonate plastic layer that is coated with a reflective metal layer and protected by a clear plastic layer. Information is stored on the disc in the form of tiny pits and lands that are read by a laser beam in a CD player or computer CD-ROM drive.

CDs have a storage capacity of up to 700 MB, which allows for around 80 minutes of audio or several hours of compressed video. They are commonly used for storing music albums, software programs, and other types of multimedia content.

In addition to audio CDs, there are also CD-ROMs (read-only memory), CD-Rs (recordable), and CD-RWs (rewritable). CD-ROMs are pre-recorded discs that cannot be modified, while CD-Rs and CD-RWs can be burned or written with data by the user. CD-Rs can only be written once, while CD-RWs can be erased and re-written multiple times.

Overall, the abbreviation CD refers to the Compact Disc, a versatile medium for storing and playing back digital data.

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5 blue, 3 white, 1 red, 7 green light bulbs in a bag. The probability to pull a blue or red is... ?




Step-by-step explanation:

In the process of milling grain, 3% of the original is lost because of spillage,
and another 5% of the originalis lost because of mildew. If the inill starts out
with 490 tons of grain, how much in tons) reinains to be sold after milling?



450.8 tons of grain remain to be sold after milling.

Step-by-step explanation:

We know that in total 8% of the original grain is lost (3% spillage + 5% mildew). We can multiply the original 490 tons by 8% to find out how many tons are lost.

490 × 8% ----> 490 x 0.08= 39.2 tons.

We now know that 39.2 tons are lost. We subtract this from the original to see how much remains.

490 - 39.2= 450.8 tons.

We have 450.8 tons remaining.

The letter tiles shown are placed in a bowl. Matt selects one tile from the bowl.
What is the probability that Matt will select one of the letters in the word "JUMP"?
Enter your answer in the box below.



4/10 or 2/5

Step-by-step explanation:

probability of each letter:

J = 0/10

U = 2/10

M = 1/10

P =  1/10

9 x 3.14, show me steps btw




Step-by-step explanation:

1 3


x  9


multiply 4x9 Cary the 3 put the 3 above the 1 then multiply 1x9 the add the three then carry the 1 put it above the 3 the multiply 3x9 the you add you final total and bring the decimal doe to we’re it becomes 28.26

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