Im not good with math okay??

Im Not Good With Math Okay??
Im Not Good With Math Okay??
Im Not Good With Math Okay??
Im Not Good With Math Okay??


Answer 1
First pic.. 20 or 25
Answer 2
okay, first picture, would be A: 15. second picture, A: 35. third picture you cut off the question. fourth picture C:31. i drew what i saw on each question.
Im Not Good With Math Okay??

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Use the information to answer the following question.

The bottom of a swimming pool is 10 feet below the surface of the water in the pool. The surface of the water is represented by the number 0, and the bottom of the pool is represented by the number -10. The pool’s diving board is the same distance above the surface of the water as the bottom of the pool is below the surface of the water.

What number represents the location of the diving board?








Step-by-step explanation:

Since the difference between 0 and -10 is 10, this means that the difference between the diving board and the pool also has to be 10. Therefore, the diving board is 10 feet above the water since 0+10 is 10.

C. since it’s above the surface of the pool which is 0 it’s at a positive elevation of 10

Devon's uncle built for him a cube-shaped toy box. The box has a volume of 25 cubic feet. Devon wants to place the toy box against a wall and under a shelf that is 36 inches above the ground. Will the toy box fit? Explain your reasoning.




Step-by-step explanation:




Step-by-step explanation:

we are given

length is x+1

width is x+3

height is x-3


we can use volume formula

now, we can plug it

now, we can simplify it


we are given volume =1001

so, we can set V=1001

and then we can solve for x

now, we can factor it


we are given volume

so, we can set

and then we can solve for x

now, we can factor it

Five times the difference of a number and 12 minus 4 times the same number is – 36. What is the equation?



(5x - 12) - 4x = -36

Step-by-step explanation:


(5x - 12) - 4x = -36

Step-by-step explanation:

Which expression is equivalent to n + n - 0.18m?
A.) 1.18n
B.) 1.82n
C.) n - 018
D.) 2n - 0.82




Step-by-step explanation:

A.) 1.18 hope this helps

You have $11 and earn $0.50 for each cup of orange juice you sell. Write an equation in two variables that represents the total amount A (in dollars) you have after selling j cups of orange juice.

A= ??


your answer would be A= $11+ j x (.50)
A= total which is based off of how many cups (j) you sell of OJ... plus the $11 you started with.


A = 0.50j

Step-by-step explanation:

Your total savings, A, are equal to the $0.50 you earn times the number of cups you sell, j.

Or, A = 0.50j.

Good luck :) I hope this helps

help me please asap im confused


The Answer is:


pls give me brainiest


The answer B

Step-by-step explanation:

When the water falls from the reservoir, the channel guides it to a turbine where the turbine spins to generate electricity. I don't really know of any other way to explain it to you.

Hope you get it now :)

i have one more thing i was to do with 15 question so can some one txt me


What is the question. Brainly won’t let me message you.


What the question bro??

The school is planning to add 2 new playgrounds. Each playground will be in the shape of a square that measures m by m. What will be the area of the​ playgrounds?


MxM + MxM I’m not sure in what format you want me to put it in
Hi bro you can check the pic and substitute the length and breadth of given playgrounds accordingly.please mark me as brainlest

Find the volume of the prisms. Show work!


1. Answer =   About 1451.42 m³

First, we need to find the volume of the cube:Formula: πr²hVolume = π * 3² * 50 = 1413.72 m³Second, we need to find the volume of the cone:Formula: (πr²h)/3Volume = π * 3² * 4 = 37.69 m³Third, we need to add these two volumes to find the total volume of the figure.1413.72 m³ + 37.69 m³ = 1451.42 m³.

2. Answer = 960 m³

Formula: (1/2(b*l)) * 20First, we need to find the area of the base (1/2 * b* l).1/2 * 8 * 12 = 48.Second, we need to multiply the area of the base by the height to get the volume.B * h = 48 * 20 = 960 m³.

The best or first answer will be marked brainliest.




Step-by-step explanation:

it would take 21.7 seconds for top speed which is 1.7 seconds longer than the cheetah can run.

Hope this helps.

answer: incorrect why: because trust. brb gotta go walk my fish

From the table, the ratio of white socks to brown socks is 9/8

Select two ratios equivalent to the ratio of white socks to brown socks.

A) 35/32 B) 40/46 C) 36/33 D) 45/40




Step-by-step explanation:

To find an equivalent ratio it must be multiplied or divided by the same number.

I multiplied 8 by 5 which got me 40

Then I multiplied 9 by 5 which got me 45

This means the equivalent ratio is 45/40

D is the answer to your question question

In the diagram, two parallel lines are intersected by a transversal.

What are the measurements of angles 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8?


Short answer


Angles 1,6,8 = 55
Angles 2,4,5,7 = 125









Step-by-step explanation:

7= 125° because a line is 180°, so 55° + angle 7 = 180°, using simple algebra we can subtract 55 from both sides getting angle 7 = 125°

8= 55° because vertical angles are always congruent

4= 125° because all vertical angles are congruent

6= 55° because alternate interior angles are always congruent so angle 6 = 55°

1= 55° because vertical angles are always congruent

2=125°  because alternate interior angles are always congruent so angle 2 = angle 7

5=125° because vertical angles are always congruent

Help, me easy and fast! Just dont understand it



1. She would have 67.5 dollars

2. 23 weeks

3. 11.25/week

4. 3:2

Step-by-step explanation:

1. 45/4 = 11.25. 11.25 x 6 = 67.5

2. 250/11.25 = 22.22 (rounding up would be 23 weeks)

3. 11.25/week

4. 3:2 (just flip the ratio around)

sorry if some are incorrect



Step-by-step explanation:

What you do is you divide $45 by 4, which is 11.25, which you then mutiply by 6, which equals 67.5

Select all the numbers that are solutions to the equation x3 = 27. A 27−−√ B 3 C 27−−√3 D 273 E 9




Step-by-step explanation:


please help and show work​



I hope this will help you to get soved

The answer is 4 as explained above

Which point on the number line represents a drop in temperature of 3 degrees from 0 degrees?


It is A hope this helps:)

The table below shows Geo's scores at the stat golf tournament. What is Geo's average score for five rounds?




Step-by-step explanation:

you find the mean of the scores to find the average

The answer that I got was -1

Micah and Lucy are in the school play.
Micah memorizes 12 lines of the script the first day and 10 lines each day after that.
Lucy memorizes 8 lines of script the first day and 12 lines each day after that.
What ordered pair represents the total number of lines they have memorized after 5 days?
(12, 8)
(40, 48)
(50, 60)
(52, 56)


i think it’s the 2nd option



Step-by-step explanation:

A solid has volume 6 cubic units and surface area 22 square units. The solid is dilated, and the image has a volume of 48 cubic units. What is the surface area of the image?


The surface area is 176 because first multiply 22 by 48 to get 1056 then divide that by 6 to get 176 so the surface area is 176units
The surface area of image is 81 square units.

What is dilation?

Dilation is the process of resizing or transforming an object. It is a transformation that makes the objects smaller or larger with the help of the given scale factor.

What is image?

The new figure obtained after dilation is called image.

What is scale factor?

Scale factor is the ratio of the sizes of the original figure with the dilated figure.

Scale factor formula

[tex]scale factor = \frac{dimension of new shape }{dimension of original shape}[/tex]

According to the given question

Volume of solid = 6 cubic units

Surface area of solid = 22 square units

volume of image = 48 cubic units


ratio of volumes = ratio of lengths

[tex]\frac{48}{6}[/tex] [tex]=8:1[/tex]

⇒ratio of sides = [tex]\sqrt[3]{8} :\sqrt[3]{1}[/tex]

⇒ ratio of sides = 2 : 1

Ratio of surface area of solid and image = square of ratio of sides = 4:1

⇒[tex]\frac{surface area of image }{surface area of solid} = \frac{4}{1}[/tex]

⇒[tex]\frac{surface area of image }{22} = \frac{4}{1}[/tex]

⇒ surface area of image = 4×21

surface area of image = 81square units.

Learn more about the surface area of dilated things here:


Please help me answer! :)
(the question can have more than once answer if multiple are correct)




Step-by-step explanation:







3(4x+3) distributive property

a)12x+3 (not the right one)

b)3(3+4x)=6+12x (correct) ✅

c)7x+6 (not the right one)

d)4x+4x+4x+3+3+3=16x+9 (not the right one)




C. i think :)

Step-by-step explanation:

sorry if I'm wrong :(

hope it helps

I think it’s c hope this helped

There are 8 boys for every 3 girls at a concert. If there are 220 people at the concert, what is the difference between the total number of boys and girls at the concert?




Step-by-step explanation:

First we get the ratio of 8:3 for the amount of boys to girls.

Assuming there are no other parts,

the Whole = A + B is the denominator:

Whole = 8 + 3 = 11

Part A = 8 and Part B = 3 are numerators for each fraction.

The fractions are then:

8/11 and 3/11

8/11 for boys

and 3/11 for the girls

Now we just multiply 220 by these fractions:

220 * 8/11 = 160

220 * 3/11 = 60

Then subtract:

160 - 60 = 100


There are 60 girls and 160 boys

Step-by-step explanation:

Help answer this question asap!!!!!!!!1




Step-by-step explanation:

A computer store bought a program at a cost of ​$20 and sold it at a selling price of ​$25. Find the percent markup.


Answer: 25%

Step-by-step explanation: Percent Markup= new-original/orignal=25-20/20=5/20=25/100=25%

if there is a total volume of 5,090km3 of liquid surface fresh water, what volume is found in swamps?


Well since it’s volume u would just multiply the 5090 by its self 3 time and the answer would be 6.7122965e+14

track coach records the number of miles that he ran per day over the month. The stem-and-leaf plot below summarizes this data.
Summarize the numeric data by identifying the measures for the data distribution listed below.

1. Identify the mean and explain your solution process for each using detail and mathematical language.

2. Identify the median and explain your solution process for each using detail and mathematical language.

3. Identify the mode and explain your solution process for each using detail and mathematical language.

4. Identify the range and explain your solution process for each using detail and mathematical language.



a.) For the Junior Varsity Team, mean would be the appropriate measure of center since the data is symmetric or well-proportioned while we should use standard deviation for getting the measure of spread since it also measures the center and how far the values are from the mean.

b.) For the Varsity Team, the median would be the appropriate measure of the center since the data is skewed left and not evenly distributed so median could be used since it does not account for outliers while we use IQR or interquartile range in measuring the spread of data since IQR does not account for the data that is skewed.

Step-by-step explanation:

i think this is the answer sorry if i am wrong

Step-by-step explanation:

I don't know just need points

Rewrite the following equation in slope-intercept form.

18x + 14y + 15 = 0




Step-by-step explanation:

Slope-intercept form is y=mx+b

The y-coordinate is on one side, and the slope, x-coordinate, and y-intercept are on the other side.


-15              -15


-18x       -18x



÷14        ÷14


Hope this helps!

The correct answer would be y=-9/7x-15/14(:

Find the missing value.
V=758.16 L=13 W=? H=7.2


Answer:  8.1

Step-by-step explanation:

758.16 ÷ 13 =58.32

58.32 ÷ 7.2 = 8.1

Check: 8.1 ×13 ×7.2=758.16

13+7.2=20.2 and 758.16 divided by 20.2
37.53 or 37.5

What is the volume of the figure below, in cubic centimeters?

2 rectangular prisms. One prism has a length of 16 centimeters, width of 6 centimeters, and height of 2 centimeters. The other prism has a length of 15 centimeters, width of 6 centimeters, and height of 30 centimeters.
A.) 2,700
B.) 2,712
C.) 2,892
D.) 3,072


The large cube is representing: 16*16*32= 8192cm

And the small cube is representing: 16*6*2= 72cm

length(cm) × width(cm) × height(cm) = cubic centimeters(cm³)


length(mm) × width(mm) × height(mm) ÷ 1000 = cubic centimeters(cm³)

So, answer would be 2,712.

Answer: B

Is this correct or no


Answer : yes

Explanation: it just is..
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