Eva draws a line that includes the points (2,0) and (-2,2) which function gives all the points (٫) on this line

Possible answers

= -1/2 + 1

= -2 +1

= 1/2 -1

= 2 -1


Answer 1


A line passes through the points (2,0) and (-2,2).

To find:

The equation of the line.


If a line passes through the two points [tex](x_1,y_1)[/tex] and [tex](x_2,y_2)[/tex], then the equation of the line is:


The line passes through the points (2,0) and (-2,2). So, the equation of the line is:






Therefore, the required equation is [tex]y=-\dfrac{1}{2}x+1[/tex].

Note: In the options, the variables are missing.

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(-81)(-1) = 81

What is the r value of the following data to three decimal places x y 4 23 5 12 8 10 9 9 13 2


Answer: -0.903

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round 11.475 to the nearest percent plz



11.5 I think??

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a bowl, the pitcher had') quart of water left How much water was poured in
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As side of a square is a², so it will be

[tex]\tt{(\sqrt{2} - 3 \sqrt{5})^2}[/tex]

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Hope it helps :)

How does the graph of f(x) = 3jx+2 +4 relate to its parent function?
A. The parent function has been translated to the left.
B. The parent function has been translated up.
C. The parent function has been compressed.
D. The parent function has been stretched.




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The +2 in the absolute values means that it's translated to the left

The +4 on the outside means that it's translated up

The 3 means that it's compressed

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Answer: download photo math

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Solve the following quadratic function
by utilizing the square root method.
y = 16 – x2


Step 1) y=16-x2. Swap the sides so that all terms of the variables are on the left side. Step 2) 16-x_{2}=y. Subtract 16 from both sides. Step 3) -x_{2}=y-16 Divide the two sides by -1. Step 4). \frac{-x_{2}}{-1}=\frac{y-16}{-1} Dividing by -1 undoes the multiplication by -1. Step 5). x_{2}=\frac{y-16}{-1} Step 6) dived y-16 by -1 And the final answer = x_{2}=16-y

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I believe the answer is C

A set of symbols that expresses a mathematical rule is called a ___________.



Formula! Have a nice day!


yo bro it formula

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can we eliminate all fat people from the earth? they're useless individuals. ​




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Dude, I'm not joking.

I started writing stuff as a joke, than developed it, and I think I'll write a book. You just gave me an incredible idea (not about fat people, about society itself and our future).

Thank you very much.

If you see any book written by a Racciatti in 10 years, contact me.

Hope this works, holy man so much ideas in my head. Thank you again.

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sin = opposite / hypotenuse

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x = 116°

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number of degrees in a pentagon is (5-2)180° = 540°

x + 121 + 90 + 115 + 98 = 540

x + 424 = 540

x = 116°

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What’s the question?



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Is a trapezoid always a quadrilateral?



The correct answer is that all trapezoids are quadrilaterals. ... Trapezoids are four-sided polygons, so they are all quadrilaterals.

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14 + 17 + 28 + 49 = 108

108 / 4 = 27

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it's going to be c

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set a is an exponential function and the values increase at a faster rate than set B

“7a - 17 = 4a +1”

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a = 6

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7a-17 = 4a +1 ; Subtract 4a from both sides

3a - 17 = 1 ; Add 17 to both sides

3a = 18 ; Divide both sides by 3

a = 6





What is the value of y-x?

A. 20

B. 30

C. 45


B! Angles of big triangle: x + 2x + 90=180, x=30. If x=30, y=60, by sum of angles in triangle. 60-30=30

A straw is placed inside a rectangular box that is 2" x 6" x 8". If the straw fits exactly into the box diagonally from the bottom left corner into the top right back corner how long is the straw?


Answer: [tex]10.2"[/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:


The dimension of the rectangular box is [tex]2"\times 6"\times8"[/tex]

If the Straw  fits exactly into the box diagonally

So, the length of the longest diagonal of the rectangular box is equal to the length of the straw i.e.

[tex]\Rightarrow l=\sqrt{2^2+6^2+8^2}\\\\\Rightarrow l=\sqrt{4+36+64}\\\\\Rightarrow l=\sqrt{104}\\\Rightarrow l=10.19\approx 10.2"[/tex]

Fran and Lamar are walking they walk 5 kilometers frans starts walking at 45 meter per minute Lamar starts 5 minutes later at 50 meters per minute how many minutes will lamar catch up to fran how far will they have walk



The time Lamar will catch up to Fran is 50.26 mins and they would have walked 2.5 km each.

Step-by-step explanation:


total distance walked by both Fran and Lamar, d = 5 km = 5,000 m

speed of Fran, = 45 m/min

speed of Lamar, = 50 m/min

Let the time Lamar catch up to Fran = t (mins)

At the time "t" Lamar would have walked a distance of 50(t),

At the time "t" Fran would have walked a distance of 45(t + 5)

The total distance they walked; d = 50t  +  45(t + 5)

5000 = 50t  +  45(t + 5)

5000 = 50t  + 45t + 225

5000 - 225 = 95t

4775 = 95t

t = 4775/95

t = 50.26 mins

The distance walked by Frans: = 45 (50.26 + 5)

                                                    = 2487 m

The distance walked by Lamar: = 50 (50.26)

                                                    = 2513 m

A pocket contains 2 pennies, 2 nickels, 1 quarter and 4 dimes. What is the probability of randomly choosing a dime two times in a row, if the first coin drawn is not replaced?




Step-by-step explanation:

Probability calculates the likelihood of an event occurring. The likelihood of the event occurring lies between 0 and 1. It is zero if the event does not occur and 1 if the event occurs.

For example, the probability that it would rain on Friday is between o and 1. If it rains, a value of one is attached to the event. If it doesn't a value of zero is attached to the event.

probability of choosing dimes twice = total number of dimes / total number of coins

At first pick = 4/9

because there is no replacement, dimes and total coins reduce by 1 and

second pick = 3/8

4/9 x 3/8 = 1/6

Quadrilaterals ABCD and WXY Z are congruent.
Which of the following sequences of transformations maps WXY Z onto ABCD


The answer is the last one which is

Are the following triangles similar? Explain.




the sides bear a similar proportion to each other

CE = 1.67BC

CD = 1.67AC

Step-by-step explanation:

Two triangles are similar if the corresponding angels are congruent to each other and if the sides of the triangle are in proportion to each other

to determine if the triangles are similar, determine if the sides are in proportion to each other

CE = 10

BC = 6

10 / 6 = 1.67

DC = 15

AC = 9

15/9 = 1.67

The sides of the triangle are in proportion to each other, thus they are similar

Find the missing dimension of the prism (Pic Provided)




12 x 15 = 180

2700 divided by 180 = 15
15 x 180 = 2700
Hope this helps

keyonna and rachel hand out pencils for the class. there are 10 pencils. they only need 3/5 out of the pencils. how many pencils do they need?



About 6 pencils

Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:

in order to solve this, you need to multiply 3/5 and 10:  [tex]\frac{3}{5}[/tex] × 10

to do this, first multiply 3 and 10: 3 x 10 = 30

now divide 30 by 5: 30 ÷ 5 = 6

The K.C. Juice Company plans to reduce the size of its original juice box, shown below. The new juice box will be 1 centimeter
shorter in height than the original box.
10 cm
3 cm
7 cm
What is the difference between the volumes of the original and new juice boxes?


Answer: The difference is 21

Step-by-step explanation:

first find the volume of the first rectangler prism and write that number down. secound use the same equation but first change the height by 1 and then lastly subtract those two volumes to get your answer.



what is 50/277 decimal to the nearest hundredth?



50/277 is also the same as 50 ÷ 277, so just divide those two numbers.

50 ÷ 277 = 0.181

Now we find out 0.181 to the nearest hundredth

To the nearest hundredth when rounding the answer will be 0.18

So your answer is 0.18

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(-2.5, 1) and (0.5, 5)

Step-by-step explanation:

The main idea is to divide the line into four segments.

so you find the midpoint between (-4, -1) and (2, 7), which is (-1, 3).

then you find the midpoint again between (-4, -1)  (-1, 3) and (2, 7) (-1, 3), which is (-2.5, 1) and (0.5, 5).

Find the surface area of the ball shown. Use 3.14 for pie.

Radius is 17cm

The ball has a surface area of about ? Cm^2



[tex] \displaystyle S _{ \text{sphere}} =3629.84 {cm}^{2} [/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:

we are given a ball

remember that,a ball is a Sphere


[tex] \displaystyle S _{ \text{sphere}} = 4\pi {r}^{2} [/tex]

given that, redious is 17 cm


[tex] \displaystyle S _{ \text{sphere}} = 4 \times \pi \times {17}^{2} [/tex]

simplify square:

[tex] \displaystyle S _{ \text{sphere}} = 4 \times \pi \times 289[/tex]

substitute the approximate value of π:

[tex] \displaystyle S _{ \text{sphere}} = 4 \times 3.14 \times 289[/tex]

simplify multiplication:

[tex] \displaystyle S _{ \text{sphere}} =3629.84[/tex]

hence, the surface area of the sphere is 3629.84 cm²

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