can someone plz help

Can Someone Plz Help


Answer 1
When I put the right answer it says wrong

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The length of a rectangular lot is 6 feet less than 3 times its
width. Its area is 222 square feet.
Its width is
feet and its length is



Its width is 9.66 feet and length is 22.98 feet.

Step-by-step explanation:

Let l is length and b is width of a rectangular lot.

Length, l = (3b-6) feet

The area of the lot is 222 sq feet.

The area of a rectangle is given by :


It is a quadratic equation. The solution of the above equation is given by :

b = 9.66 feet and -7.66 feet

Neglecting negative answer, the width of the lot is 9.66 feet.

Length, l = (3(9.66)-6) = 22.98 feet

Hence, its width is 9.66 feet and length is 22.98 feet.

select all expressions equivalent to
3 ¹/2 * 4 + 1 *5 + 6 * 0.5​


The first one bc ye jsksshsksjsksksks

In the figure shown above, all the corners form right angles. What is the area of the figure in square units?


9514 1404 393


  70 square units

Step-by-step explanation:

The overall outline is 15 units wide and 8 units high, for an area of ...

  A = WH

  A = (15 units)(8 units) = 120 units²


The white space taken out of that overall area is 5 units high and 15-4-1 = 10 units wide. The area of the white space is ...

  A = (5 units)(10 units) = 50 units²


The shaded area is the difference between the overall area and the white space taken out:

  shaded = 120 units² -50 units² = 70 units²





Step-by-step explanation:

[tex] V_{sphere} = \frac{4}{3} \pi r^3 [/tex]

[tex] 144\pi= \frac{4}{3} \pi r^3 [/tex]

[tex]r^3 = \frac {3 \times 144\pi}{4\pi}[/tex]

[tex]r^3 = 3 \times 36[/tex]

[tex]r^3 = 108[/tex]

[tex]r = \sqrt[3]{108} \\ \\ r = 4.7622031559 \\ \\ r \approx \: 4.8 \: [/tex]

Which equation represents the data in this function table?

A. y = x - 8
B. x= y + 8
C. y = 3x
D. y = x + 3


Answer: The answer is B. Because 3 multiplied by x and add it by 3 equates to y. example: (x=2) 3x2+3= y. y=9 .

The answer is not b

Step-by-step explanation:

how do i solve systems by substitution


Answer: x = 2, y = 9

Step-by-step explanation:

y = 9x - 9 Substitute x for 2

y = 9(2) - 9 Multiply 9 with 2

y = 18 - 9 Subtract 18 - 9

Final Answer: y = 9 and x = 2

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One week, Gabriel bought 2 bags of beans and 3 bags of rice. The next week, he bought 4 bags of beans and 1 bag of rice. Let b represent the cost of each bag of beans and r represent the cost of each bag of rice. Simplify the expression for the total cost, shown below.

(2b + 3r) + (4b+ r)


( 2b + 3r ) + ( 4b + r )
= 6b + 4r

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13 and 16 for the first question and the second part i dont know sorry

Step-by-step explanation:

The median is the line in the center of the box

Can someone please help me, giving all answers hearts, thank you in advance



D) y=-5/2x; y=-20

Step-by-step explanation:

If y varies directly with x, then y=kx where k is our proportionality constant

Therefore, since y=-5 when x=2, we have -5=k(2) where k=-5/2

This means that when x=8, y=(-5/2)(8)=-20, making choice D correct

The circumference of a circle is 87 cm. What is the DIAMETER of the circle?
2 cm
4 cm
6 cm
8 cm


Answer:8 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

I think the answer is 8cm

solve the inequality please ​



The solution is 4 >/= -21

4 is greater than or equal to negative 21

Step-by-step explanation:

7x + 4 >/= 7(x - 3)

We'll start by distributing the y7 to the items in parentheses

7x + 4 >/= 7x - 21

Subtract 7x from both sides

4 >/= -21

can someone please answer this I need extreme help.


To start off you’ll need to separate the shape into different parts to find the area so we have a square and a rectangle. Since 3x3=9 then 2x9=18 so you add them together you will get 27


hope this will help you more

Select the correct answer from each drop down menu. The square root of 15 look at image






Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]\sqrt[4]{15^{7} } = 15^{\frac{7}{4} }[/tex]

10. If 1000 cm = 1 l, find the capacity of the following water tank in litre
a) 1 = 200 cm, b = 150 cm, h = 100 cm


Given :

length = 200 cm

breadth = 150 cm

height = 100 cm

Solution :

[tex] \large \boxed{volume = l \times b \times h}[/tex]

[tex]200 \times 150 \times 100[/tex]

[tex]3000000 \: \: cm {}^{3} [/tex]

Through the statement above we have,

[tex] \small\mathrm{1000 \: cm³ = 1 \: \: }l[/tex]

[tex]\small\mathrm{1 \: cm {}^{3} = \dfrac{1}{1000} \: }l[/tex]

[tex] \small\mathrm{3000000 \: cm {}^{3} = 3000000 \times \dfrac{1}{1000} \: }l[/tex]

[tex] \small\mathrm{3000000 \: cm {}^{3} = 3000000 \times \dfrac{1}{1000} \: }l[/tex]

[tex]\small\mathrm{ 3000 \: \: litres}[/tex]


[tex]\mathrm{ \#TeeNForeveR}[/tex]

A survey was conducted to compare the mean cost of a meal at fast food restaurants in two different cities.

City n x s
A 26 $4.05 $0.55
B 32 $5.15 $0.85

Assume that the population variances of both groups are different. Test if there is sufficient evidence that the mean costs of a meal at fast food restaurants in two different cities are different. Conduct the hypothesis testing (optional) in paper.



We reject the Null and conclude that the mean costs of a meal at fast food restaurants in two different cities are different.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given :

City n x s

A 26 $4.05 $0.55

B 32 $5.15 $0.85

H0 : μ1 - μ2 = 0

H0 : μ1 - μ2 ≠ 0

n1 = 26 ; x1 = 4.05 ; s1 = 0.55

n2 = 32 ; x2 = 5.15 ; s2 = 0.85

Tstatistic :

(x1 - x2) / √(s1²/n1 + s2²/n2)

(4.05 - 5.15) / √(0.55²/26 + 0.85²/32)

-1.1 / 0.1849668

= - 5.947

Using the smaller n;

df = n - 1 ; 26 - 1 = 25

Pvalue = (-5.947, 24)

Pvalue = 0.000001

Since Pvalue < α ; We reject the Null and conclude that the mean costs of a meal at fast food restaurants in two different cities are different.

If the diameter is 111ft then the radius is



55.5 is the I guess........

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Number 11
Since the auditorium can hold 600 and the student body will be divide by four parts
The answer is
x ≤ 2400

Help me please this is very hard i got 8ft but it said I was wrong!?



is the answer 200/3 Or 66.667 ft

Jonn is giving out chocolate to his friends. If he wants to give each friend 2/3
of a chocolate bar and he has 13 friends, how many chocolate bars wil he
need to buy?


He will need to buy 9 chocolate bars

There are 67 rabbits in the garden. Round 67 to the nearest 10.




Step-by-step explanation:

1-4 rounds down

5-9 rounds up


hope this helps!!!

The range of the following set (33, 78, 56, 45, 22, 91, 65, 87, 23) is = 69?




Step-by-step explanation:

91 - 22 = 69

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So this angle is an acute angle so it would be around 60 so i think its D

Step-by-step explanation:

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41. How would the graph of the function
y=x2- 3 be affected if the function were
changed to y=x2 + 2?
A. The graph would shift 2 units up.
B. The graph would shift 5 units up.
C. The graph would shift 5 units down.
D. The graph would shift 1 unit up,



B. The graph would shift 5 units up.

Step-by-step explanation:

Before the change:

Before the change, the function was given by:

[tex]y = x^2 - 3[/tex]

After the change:

After the change, the function was given by:

[tex]y = x^2 + 2[/tex]

Considering the function as it was before the change, it can also be written as:

[tex]y = x^2 - 3 + 5[/tex]

Which means that 5 was added to the function, and when a number n is added to a function, there function is shifted n units up. So the correct answer to this problem is given by option B.

peepeepoopooo I need help please




Step-by-step explanation:

We can use a proportion also in this case

51.6 : 23 = 38 : NO

NO = (38 x 23)/51.6 = 16.9

For each of the following, indicate whether or not a paired analysis would be appropriate.

a. A school cafeteria offers a vegetarian and a nonvegetarian option for lunch every day. For a period of two weeks, you record how many calories are in the vegetarian option and how many calories are in the nonvegetarian option. Your goal is to see if vegetarian options tend to differ with regard to average number calories from nonvegetarian options.
b. A farmer investigates whether talking to cows by name leads to producing more milk. He randomly selects 30 of his cows and randomly assigns 15 to talk to by name and the other 15 not to.


Answer: a. a paired analysis is appropriate

b. a paired analysis is not appropriate

Step-by-step explanation:

The paired analysis sometimes is refered to as a statistical procedure which is used to know if the mean difference that exist between two observations is zero or not. It should be noted that in a paired analysis, each subject is measured twice, and this beings about the pairs of observations.

a. Here, the paired analysis is appropriate due to the fact that similar measurement which are the calories are taken for several days for both the vegetarian and the non vegetarian such are two pairs of sample.

b) In this case, the paired analysis is not appropriate. Here, the pairs of samples don't undergo identical treatment.

a trader bought some eggs at 64 per dozen and sold 2/3 of them at 240/= per tray and the other 1/3 at 225/= per tray.In so doing she made a profit of 450/=.given 1 tray holds 30 eggs and 1 dozen 12 eggs determine the number of eggs she bought. ​


Note that the number of eggs the above-described trader bought is 180 eggs. This is solved using simple arithmetic.

What is the justification for the above response?

Let no. of the eggs be x, then

Money the trader paid for eggs = 64/12x = 16/3x

The money the trader got from

Seling two third eggs =2/3x*240/30


Money get from one third= x/3*225/30


Profit= [16/3x+5/2x] - 16/3x

5/2x = 450

x =450*2/5


Therefore, the number of eggs that the trader bought is 180.

Learn more about arithmetic:


Solve for z 7-√3z+2=4 What is the root? If there is no root, choose none. z = 7/3 z = 11/3 none



Desmos is Function Calculator is a great tool for this, the correct answer is z= 7/3

7/3= 2.333~ and so √(3*2.333~) + 2= 2.9999999833333~

Now 7- 2.9999999833333~= 4.0000000166667~ but I don't know the true infinate sign for this so thats why my numbers look a little weird, just plug (7/3) in for z and you will get 4, trust me

Step-by-step explanation:


What is the value of
0 4,194,304
O 1,024
O 625


Answer: 20

Step-by-step explanation:

if 4x4=16 then 16 divided by 2 =8 witch is diviseble by 20

pls help
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Step-by-step explanation:It is 13 because the mode is the number that is repeated the most.

It would be 13 because that is what makes the most sense

Which story problem can be solved using the expression 5 ÷ 1/4 ?

A : Suzy needs 5 pieces of ribbon that are each 1/4 yard long.What is the total length of the ribbon she needs?
B : Alex cuts 1/4 of a pizza into 5 slices.What part of the pizza is one of the slices he cuts?
C :Nicole cuts 5 feet of string into 1/4 foot pieces.How many pieces does she cut?
D : Sammy pours 1/4 cup of honey equally into 5 teacups.How much honey does he pour into each teacup? Which one plzz help


The correct answer is letter C
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