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Internet Hall of Fame

Recognizing the People Who Bring the Internet to Life

The Internet is one of the most significant advances of our time. It brings benefits to every single person on the planet, whether they’re connected or not. It opens up new possibilities, expands our knowledge, and drives economies. The Internet as we know it has only emerged through the efforts of many people, in many places around the world, doing many different things.

Among them are mathematicians and engineers who conceived, planned, built, and connected the earliest networks. Then there were policymakers who invested time and provided guidance to help these networks grow. Computer scientists, programmers, and developers invented systems to provide public access. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and education experts expanded the Internet’s reach and taught people how to use it. Advocates and academics who developed ways to maintain and manage the Internet as it evolves. And security experts who have kept it safe, even as threats to it–and us–increase.

The Internet Hall of Fame was founded in 2012 by the Internet Society to recognize the role of this community. Culminating in a special ceremony held every two years, the Internet Hall of Fame honors Internet history, celebrates the pioneers behind its existence, and inspires the next generation of Internet champions.

Meet the people who have created, built, protected, shaped, advanced, or expanded the Internet. Or nominate someone who has played an extraordinary or pioneering role in the Internet’s creation, advancement, or growth.