Sebastián Schonfeld

Sebastián Schonfeld

Senior Communications and Advocacy Advisor

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I am the Senior Communications and Advocacy Advisor. I support different projects as well as the Latin American and the Caribbean region in communications and advocacy topics: planning and creating content, messaging, writing and reviewing materials, managing social media accounts, and translating into Spanish, among other things.

I have built a career in the field of culture and social communication, both in the private and public sectors. I specialize in strategic communication and in the design of policy for cultural sector development. I have taught at the University of Palermo.
I am a communications expert, a cultural manager, a producer, and a musician. In addition, I am a member of the Global Diplomacy Lab, the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, the Bosch Alumni Network, and the AIPR Alumni community.

I studied Arts at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and am currently studying Humanities and Social Sciences at the Universidad de Palermo.

I'm a family guy and I'm a food enthusiast so I like to cook a lot. I like cinema and reading both fiction and non-fiction. I do not exercise as much as I should but I bike about three times a week. I have a small garden with a lemon tree, so I like to spend time taking care of the plants or doing handy work at home (there's always something to fix, to paint, or build).

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